“remarkable to realize that such an ancient art is so vivid today!” designs original mosaic projects for interior and exterior, and uses exclusively the highest quality Crystal glass from Venice and Murano,  that has been created following the craftsmanship secrets of ancient Byzantine tradition.

this exclusive glass is of top-level quality. It comes in myriad colours that are guaranteed to resist time for a period of 500 years (also exterior). Mosaics are created with pieces of broken glass (Smalti) to give an extra dimensional touch to any architectural surroundings, walls, or with flattened glass for your floors (Smalti Piastrini). The studio also works with noble marbles and the finest among mosaic for the most demanding customers : gold tesserae (pure 24Kt. gold leave!) 

any project order results in a unique mosaic panel, wall or floor, especially designed and tailor-made to perfectly fit your decorative or artistic architectural vision. 

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